ASTEC is an innovative company in the field of solutions and development of new materials for semiconductor microelectronics. The company is engaged in the development and production of silicon-based semiconductor structures.
The current stage in the development of microelectronics highlights new materials. But the economic side of technology is important and the Silicon has not yet exhausted all its possibilities.
Many companies are trying to find a solution for the production of III V nitrides on silicon. The purpose of these attempts to find commercial feasibility and to be able to use without significant changes the existing industrial lines for the production of microelectronic devices using new materials.

At the moment, the development of ASTEK is one of the most effective, economically feasible solutions to the problem of producing commercially attractive hybrid structures on silicon. The quality of the structures of our semiconductor wafers meets the most stringent requirements of the 2020 market.

Our product is the basis of technological and commercially viable solutions for the subsequent production of non-defective III-V materials on a silicon substrate.