Our Technology

Experience and practices since 2004.

The employees of our company stood at the origins of technical discoveries in the silicon based wafer technology. High qualification of our team is the key to your leadership.
The key technological equipment was created by us, has no analogues in the world and is our intellectual property.

Economic Preferences.

Our production is the basis for the COMMERCIALIZATION of next-generation devices: Internet-of-Things, HPE, RF, LED, CPU etc.
Our wafers, while maintaining the quality and parameters of the latest materials, are several times cheaper than sapphire and, especially, silicon carbide. We have no restrictions on the diameter of the plates and depend only on the parameters of the silicon substrate.

LED Program/ GaN-on-Si

ASTEC is an Innovator in high power LED on Silicon. In the photo, an experimental sample of the production of an LED structure on silicon (our plate) can be increased.

Additional features.

In the course of research of the material revealed numerous additional possibilities for its use. Along with the production of various kinds of LEDs (UV, Micro, high-power etc.), we have developed a program for the production of structures for biological sensors, solar cells, memory and much more.